Best Strategies from Landscaping Designers in Oakland County, MI


Whether you decide to hire landscaping designers in Oakland County or you want to go for it yourself, it is important to understand the basic strategies that landscaping designers use to build a masterpiece around a home. If you are doing it yourself, you may think that it is as simple as planting a few trees and a few flowers, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Instead of going at it haphazardly, think about these strategies that landscaping designers use:

  • Plan for machines to be able to access the area. You may need to grind a stump or simply bring in a mower to cut the grass. But either way, there will be a point during the time you live in your home that you will need to bring in a machine to the back or front yard to perform some heavy-duty work. Landscaping designers plan for this when they develop a plan for your landscape, so that you will not have to necessarily destroy or uproot all of your hard work when you do need to bring in a machine.
  • Start with the focal points and accentuate the rest. When you make a steak dinner, the steak is the focal point of the plate, and the side dishes and vegetables accentuate it. When you work on your landscape, focus on the “steak”. In other words, whether your focus is the patio or a fountain, or even a garden, you should work hardest on making that piece the best it can be. Focal points are going to be areas where guests are going to look because they will attract the eye, so divide your efforts up accordingly.
  • Incorporate some movement into the design. Oakland County, Michigan landscaping designers will encourage you to have a dynamic landscape, instead of a static one. A static landscape design Macomb MI will be nice and pretty, but it will also be boring. It will have the same flowers and plants every day. Instead, plan for a dynamic landscape – put in some elements that will attract birds or butterflies. Put in some longer grasses that can bounce around when the wind blows. A small water fountain can even add some pleasant movements to the design.

Landscaping designers work very hard to build unique and beautiful designs that not only wow the eyes, but also include these elements. Keep them in mind when planning your next landscaping project.

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