Why Hire a Retaining Wall Company Versus Doing It Yourself


You decide that you need a retaining wall. Good – a retaining wall can keep your Oakland County yard from washing away and prevent water from seeping into your basement. It protects your property and keeps your landscape looking sharp. But are you thinking about doing it yourself? That may be a major mistake. Hiring a retaining wall company can be worth it.

Not sure? Consider these points when thinking about whether or not to hire a retaining wall company:

  • If the construction of the wall isn’t done properly, it will likely fail. The failure of a retaining wall means the wall and the soil behind it can move very quickly into a neighbor’s yard, the walkway in front of your house, the driveway, or even your home. This depends on the location of the wall. In any case, the retaining wall is not something you want to fail. Failure means that you will need to construct the wall from the bottom up once again, in many cases. Hiring a Macomb County, Michigan retaining wall company can reduce the risk of wall failure, so that you do not have to worry so much about whether or not the wall will stay up.
  • How much experience do you have in grading a landscape? Grading refers to the slope of the soil and how it drains. It is a delicate science, and improper grading can adversely affect the drainage of water in the soil, as well as the erosion of the soil. Water can back up behind the wall and seep into areas that you do not want it to, or it can pool at the base of the wall, which is likely not what you want it to do. A retaining wall company knows exactly how to grade the landscape so that it drains properly and is not a headache to the homeowner.
  • Is it worth the risk? Finally, considering all of this, you need to evaluate whether or not the understood drop in cost will be worth taking on that risk. The drop in cost implies that the wall will be of the same quality as one built by a retaining wall company. This is not always the case. If it fails or needs to be rebuilt, or it damages anything, then the cost of the wall is already well over the initial cost of just hiring a retaining wall company to do it for you right the first time. Are you willing to take on that risk?

Doing it yourself may be tempting, but a retaining wall company is a smart investment when you need a retaining wall built.

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