How to Use Landscape Supplies to Deter Deer from Landscaping


You may love the view of deer walking through your Oakland County back yard. They are beautiful creatures, and it makes you feel closer to nature when you watch them stroll around, observing your beautiful landscaping. However, that joy and peacefulness can disappear quickly when you notice that the same deer are chewing on your plant life and ruining your landscaping. One of the most effective ways to deal with deer is to build a fence, but it is not your only option. There are other landscape supplies that can help you turn deer away without closing off your entire yard.

  • Wild animal manure is one of the more valuable landscape supplies that you can use. The scent of certain animal manure, strategically placed throughout your yard, can signal to the deer to stay away. This also gives the added bonus of improving the soil in your yard, as manure is an incredibly effective and well-known fertilizer.
  • You could also consider some of the more unusual and less traditional landscape supplies. For example, bar soap is a very effective deer repellent. You could hang bars of soap in your trees or place them on stakes throughout your property.
  • There are commercial landscape supplies available that claim to repel deer as well. These can be effective, but they are rather high-maintenance. They are most effective immediately after application, and you may have to apply them every few days. In addition, it could wash off after a good rain, so you would need to apply it again then as well.

If you are not very attracted to the idea of using landscape supplies like these, you can always start planting certain plants that deer are not attracted to, like lavender, allium, or Rugosa roses. But if you insist on planting the plants that attract deer because you prefer them, then consider some of these landscape supplies that could help you keep the deer away. While you may think of some of these as quite unusual to include in your Oakland County, Michigan landscaping, the results that they provide may be just what you need, and you can avoid closing off your yard with a fence.

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