3 Tips: Preparing your Lanscaping Garden Beds for Spring


Even the most carefully cultivated landscaping birmingham MI suffers through the winter months in Michigan.
The last frost dates in southern Michigan is around May 1, and May 15 in northern Michigan. Here are simple steps you can take to take to prepare your front yard and garden beds for fabulous color and curb appeal the rest of the year:

  • Once past the danger of frost, clear away the mulch you laid last fall. Cut back dead perennials, remove dead foliage and either dispose of it, or compost it. Caution: do not compost obviously diseased plants.
  • Test the pH level of your soil. Your local gardening center will have test kits available, and complete instructions on usage. Till the soil carefully! Be careful to avoid areas in which you have perennials. Only till those beds in which you will plant annual flowers.
  • Add compost or manure to your beds. Spread it around the perennials—don’t cover them. If you are working with fresh beds in which you are planting for the first time, work the compost or manure into the soil. Don’t be stingy—30 or 40 bags of compost worked into a 100 square foot flower bed will provide a healthy base.

Maintaining garden beds is simple and relatively quick once you’ve mastered the steps. From there, it’s only a matter of time till you have the most gorgeous front yard landscaping in the neighborhood.

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