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Snow Removal Company

A snow removal company can be your biggest asset when the winter weather starts to creep in. Snow, sleet and freezing rain are the primary causes of accidents during the winter months, but you can forgo these dangers by employing a snow removal company to clear your walkways and driveways. Walking on slippery surfaces is not only dangerous to you, it can be very dangerous for your family. When this type of weather hits it is necessary to get a professional snow removal company to make your property as safe as possible. Here are a few things that you should look for when searching for a snow removal company in your area.

A Fleet

There are a lot of snow removal companies that will advertise their services, but when you research the company you will find out they only have 1 or 2 trucks. Go with a company that has at least 5-6 trucks in your area. Having a fleet allows the company to service multiple customers and shows that they are professional. The response times for a snow removal company with a fleet is about 8-10 hours so you will be able to have your property cleared before you need to leave for work or head out with your family.

Deicing Services

A snow removal company should be able to offer you deicing services. Deicing is an important part of your safety. There are a lot of methods to deice your property and your company should offer several methods instead of just one. When a snow removal company comes to your property they should take a look around to see how the deicing agents are going to affect the concrete, stone or brick under the snow and ice. After this they can determine the best method for deicing your property.

Response Times

As stated before, a company should be able to respond to your property within 8-10 hours. However, they should not be plowing while it is still snowing. Your company should wait until the snow has stopped before they come to your property. If the snow is falling hard, most companies will do a preliminary plow and then come back to plow again within a couple of hours.

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