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Are you looking for landscape supplies to revamp your property? At Breen’s Landscape & Supply Center in Waterford, MI, we offer everything you need, from sand and topsoil to hardwood mulch and salt. We can deliver bulk mulch, soil, and gravel materials at your convenience if you are located around the Oakland County area.

We are determined to make your landscaping process as seamless as possible. Allow us to work with you on your landscape or provide you everything you need to get the job done.

We are happy to address all of your questions and concerns!

Bulk Materials


Fill Dirt



50/50 Mix

Fill Dirt  $11.00/yd
Topsoil  $31.00/yd
Compost $40.00/yd
50/50 Mix $38.00/yd

Gravel & Stone

Asphalt Millings

21aa Crushed Concrete

21aa Limestone

6a Crushed Limestone

6a Float Stone

1"x3" Crushed Concrete


1"-2" Egg Rock

1'-2' Boulders

2'-3' Boulders

2"-4" Cobble Stone

Cobble Stone 3"-10"

Asphalt Millings  $45.00/yd
21aa Crushed Concrete  $37.00/yd
21aa Limestone  $46.00/yd
6a Crushed Limestone  $59.00/yd
6a Floatstone $49.00/yd
1″ X 3″ Crushed Concrete  $45.00/yd
Peagravel  $43.75/yd
1”- 2” Eggrock  $60.00/yd
Cobblestone 2″-4″ $75.00/yd
Cobblestone 3″-10″ ($4 Ea.) $80.00/yd
60/40 Mix $49.00/yd



2NS Sand

60/40 Mix

Fill Sand

Beach Sand

Limestone Slag Sand

2NS Sand  $40.00/yd
Fill Sand  $28.00/yd
Beach Sand  $40.00/yd
Limestone Slag Sand $42.00/yd



Cedar Mulch

Black Mulch

Brown Mulch

Red Mulch

Double Shred Hardwood

Triple Shred Hardwood

Cedar Mulch  $34.00/yd
Hardwood Mulch  $25.00/yd
Black Mulch  $32.00/yd
Brown Mulch  $32.00/yd
Red Mulch  $32.00/yd
Triple Shredded Hardwood  $28.00/yd



Salt & De-icing – 24/7 Service

Bulk Salt $100.00 Per Yard | $65.00 ½ Yard
50 Lb. Bag Magnesium Chloride $24.00 Per Bag/ $1,056.00 Per 48 Bag Pallet
50 Lb. Bag Rock Salt $8.00 Per Bag/ $392.00 Per 56 Bag Pallet

50 Lb. Bag Ice Byter (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium Chloride) 

  • Works below 0 degrees and can be used before snow or ice
$10.00 Per Bag/ $504.00 Per 56 Bag Pallet
50 Lb. Bag Peladow (Calcium Chloride) $20.00 Per Bag/ $1045.00 Per 55 Bag Pallet

50 Lb. Bag Green Earth (Calcium and Magnesium)

  • Works below 0 degrees
$9.00 Per Bag/ $400.00 Per 50 Bag Pallet
50 Lb. Bag Icenator White (Calcium and Magnesium) $9.00 Per Bag/ $400.00 Per 50 Bag Pallet

*Pre-Buy* 20 to 50 Yards Bulk Salt $92 Per Yard (Have to Take In Full 1 Yard Increments, No Half Yards, or 1½, 2½, etc.)

Text “BREENS” to 41372 to receive text alerts of updated hours

Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include sales tax and/or pallet deposits.

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Delivery Rates

Single Axle Dump Truck

Zone 1 $45.00
Zone 2 $50.00
Zone 3 $60.00
Zone 4 $65.00
Zone 5                          $75.00
Zone 6 $80.00


Zone 1 $65.00
Zone 2 $70.00
Zone 3 $80.00
Zone 4 $85.00
Zone 5 $95.00
Zone 6 $100.00

Important Delivery Information

We require a surcharge of $10.00 for 1-yard deliveries.

You can ask about second delivery charge rates for the same day.

Our flatbed delivery starts at $150.00.

If delivery is not accepted by customer, delivery fees still apply.

We want to make the delivery process as easy as possible, so it is important that you read the guidelines below:

  • The customer assumes all liability for damages if the delivery truck is authorized to enter private property. Customers are even responsible for the tow bill if the delivery vehicle gets stuck on private property.
  • Michigan Law requires all loads of bulk material to be covered by a secure tarp.
  • Breen’s Landscape and Supply Center is not responsible for any vehicles or trailers’ damage while loading.
  • Freight, transportation, and delivery charges are considered part of the gross proceeds and are subject to 6% sales tax.
  • There is a 3% upcharge for all credit card orders.

To place your bulk material delivery order, please contact us at 248-674-1127.


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